Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport (hereinafter referred as GS) is a national public institution directly under the Ministry of Transport,She is a professional marine emergency salvage team, her main responsibilities are: to carry out the policies, strategies and regulations set by the Nation and the MOC; to undertake the specific political, military and anti-disaster salvage and wreck-removal missions appointed by the Nation, to perform the relevant international conventions, wreck removal for ports and channels;salvage of vessels, equipment and properties at sea without life-saving;emergent elimination of spilled oil or stored oil insunken vessels and sea anti-pollution etc. Besides, she operates offshore engineering, towing and transportation, tunneling engineering, water project engineering, municipal engineering and ship building.

Since the Salvage Organization Reforms in 2003, GS insists on the policy of self-management sustaining salvage missions. At the same time of completing emergency salvage and rescue excellently, she holds the concept of  openness basing on sincerity for double-win. She strictly follows the standards of high quality and high efficiency to provide first-class service to customers .

At present ,the total assets of GS is about 2.6 billion, she owns over 40 various vessels including large tugs, floating cranes and semi-submersible barges; she owns a full set of infrastructures including the wharves, shipyards, warehouses, a deep-water-diving base and a diving school. GS owns over 600 senior talents including senior management personnel, technical personnel and skilled personnel. She owns the first-grade qualification of marine salvage operation, offshore oil engineering contracting, municipal utilities contracting engineering, port and waterway engineering construction contracting, port and coastal engineering contracting engineering and jetty engineering contracting engineering.

Since the Salvage Organization Reforms in 2003, GS has completed about 131 rescue missions, over 50 vessels has been rescued, and the rescued property is over 4.9 billion. Besides, it has executed about 170 emergency salvage missions, the success rate is nearly 100%. About 21 wrecks and 115 victims has been successfully salvaged, 765 survivors are rescued including 114 foreigners. She has successfully salvaged the 50000t coal carrier “Peng Yang”, the Ukrainian AHT tug “NEFTEGAZ 67”, the container carrier“LONG MU WAN”in Japan, the ancient ship “NAN AO Ⅰ”of Ming dynasty , the bulk carrier “TRANS SUMMER”. Especially, the salvage of the ancient ship “NAN AO Ⅰ”, it creates the miracle of underwater archaeological history and fully demonstrates the strong power and  enterprising spirit of national professional salvage team.