Guangzhou Salvage Bureau (China Ocean Engineering Corporation, Guangzhou Branch) is a national public institution directly under the Ministry of Transport. Since the establishment in 1974, she has made great achievements in the fields of emergency rescue and salvage at sea, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, ocean transportation and ship building etc., and has grown into a highly competitive integrated water construction design company.
As a national professional marine salvage team, Guangzhou Salvage has strong professional strength in rapid implementation of sea wreck salvage, port channel clearing and marine spilt oil recovery.

Guangzhou Salvage has strong strength in the field of hydraulic and municipal engineering, which is the first company to master and apply immersed tunnel method in China. She has successively completed the construction of dozens of immersed tunnels at home and abroad, Additionally, Guangzhou Salvage has completed the constructions of more than 50 wharfs, 16 breakwaters, more than 20km of water conservancy projects, more than 40 bridges, more than 3 million square meters of building construction projects, more than 50km of municipal roads, and more than 80km of municipal pipeline. Moreover, Guangzhou Salvage has been actively implementing the “Going Out” strategy. That led her to successively undertake several hydraulic projects in the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vietnam, and establish branches in Colombo and Dubai, which have emerged in the international market.

Guangzhou Salvage possess a series of lifting engineering vessels with the capacity of from 500t to 4000t, high-power tugs, anchor handling tugs, platform supply vessels, 3000m ROV and other professional equipment. She focuses on providing clients with a series of offshore installation services such as offshore platform, and has the general contracting capacity of construction design. The flagship vessel “Hua Tian Long” with 4000t full-circle slewing crane has over 2,000 days of offshore operation experience, which became a brand in the field of offshore engineering in China. In 2016, Guangzhou Salvage made strategic alliance with Rich Offshore Engineering & Technology service Co., Ltd. and established a joint venture company to develop offshore wind power projects and strive to build a leading enterprise in the field of offshore wind power construction.

Guangzhou Salvage owns a world-class semi-submersible fleet, including “Hua Yang Long” and “Hua Hai Long” with the capacity of 50,000t and 30,000t respectively, and four other large semi-submersible vessels, semi-submersible barges with the capacity of 3500-15000t and more than 10 2500-13000kw high-power tugs. The business involves offshore oil development services, ocean towing transportation of drilling platforms, large cargo carriers and floating oil storage tankers and moving, transportation and installation of large platforms and structures, with a global footprint.

Guangzhou Salvage has great achievements in ship building. She has the ability to build 10,000t-class vessel, and has successively completed the constructions of container ships, tugs, multi-purpose crane vessels, and semi-submersible barges for export to Indonesia and also many domestic vessels. She is also skilled in ship conversion, and has converted many vessels.

Guangzhou Diving School, member of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) and China Underwater Association (CUA), is the only full-time diving education school in China. The school provides four majors, including engineering diving, tourism diving, duty sailors and duty mechanics, and has delivered a great number of outstanding talents for marine development, rescue and salvage, special police, public fire security and underwater archaeology.

Guangzhou Salvage adheres to the concept of “integrity-based, win-win” and looks forward to cooperating with partners from all over the world.